Zumbro 100 Ultra Marathon


Zumbro 100 Mile Finishers Buckle v2013

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The Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run finishers buckle has been redesigned for 2013.  Measuring up at 4″ wide X 3.5″ high, this thing is huge and will look great on your belt or on the shelf, dwarfing your other buckles.   It’s big, it’s metal, it’s heavy, it’s beefy – finish the 100 and its yours!

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Two Seconds with Bob Gerenz – An Interview

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Rarely does a race come down to a couple of seconds – never does a hundred.  In 2012, Bob Gerenz (then, relatively unknown in the Midwest ultra scene)  put his head down, kicked and kicked again and took the win – only two seconds separated him and the 2nd place finisher.  We threw a few questions at Bob about the exciting 2012 race as he prepares to come back and defend his title in 2013. Bob, congratulations on winning the 2012 Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run and setting a new course record.  Was this your first time running the...

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Susan Donnelly Interview

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In 2012, Susan Donnelly of Oak Ridge Tennessee once again came and conquered the Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run.  Susan won the race for an unprecedented  fourth straight time and kept her amazing streak alive – being one of only two people to complete all four editions of the race.  Susan will return for “number 5″ in 2013, purely for the love of running and the joy of visiting her extended running family in Minnesota – another win would just be icing on the cake.  We asked Susan some questions about her history at the...

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2013 Race Shirt

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All for one and one for all… All 2013 Zumbro Endurance Run racers and volunteers will receive a high-quality long-sleeve technical t-shirt designed by John Storkamp / Rocksteady Design.

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Running is a relatively simple sport, put on your shoes and shorts and go, but to have success at a grueling race like the Zumbro 100, Midnight 50 or 17 mile races, you will need a few things, mo matter how minimal you like to travel.  Twin Cities Running Company carries the best selection of specialized trail and ultrarunning gear in the Twin Cities, heck the Midwest for that matter.  Weather you prefer hand-held water bottles, a waist-pack or a full on hydration / running vest TCRC has you covered – they carry the gear for you to...

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10 Reasons to Run the Zumbro 100 Mile Ultra Marathon

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Republished below is a great article that was featured on one of our  past finishers blogs, Jordan Hanlon +26.2.  Read his entire article below and feel free to follow the link to check out Jordan’s blog.  Thanks Jordan for the kind words and great article.     Looking for a 100 mile race to run?  Here are 10 reasons to run the Zumbro 100 mile race. 1. I’ll be there.  Do you really need a 2-10? 2. It’s organized by one the best race directors around.  You can be sure that you and your crew will be well taken care of every last...

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2012 Race Recap in Brief

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We cannot thank our fantastic runners, volunteers and sponsors enough for making this years race a success – results are available here http://www.zumbro100.com/results/2012-prelim-results/.  Stay tuned for much more on the website, Facebook, local and national media and running publications – below is a quick recap and some highlights from this years race. One of my close friends and a 100 mile competitor this year said it best in a message to me after the race (paraphrased) “I haven’t felt this alive in a long time,...

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2012 100 Mile Finishers Buckle

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All 100 mile runners who finish within the 34 hour time limit will receive one of these handsome belt buckles.  The picture on the buckle not only represents the large abundance of grazing Ibex which are so prevalent in the area but more importantly represent what it takes to get through a tough 100 mile trail race – a group, support, volunteers, fellow runners… your herd of Ibex....

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2012 Race Shirts

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We are all in this together… All 2012 Zumbro racers and volunteers will receive a high-quality long-sleeve technical t-shirt designed by John...

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