Zumbro 100 Ultra Marathon

News and Updates

News and Updates

Welcome to the  Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run , the Zumbro Midnight 50 and 17 mile trail race. Join us on Friday April 8th and Sat. April 9th 2015 for the 8th annual running.


  • Interest in this years race is at an all time high.  Many of the other Spring 100’s in the country have filled and we expect Zumbro 100 to grow again this year.  Please register early.
  • Once again, the Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run will be the first 100 Mile race in the UPPER MIDWEST TRAIL RUNNERS (UMTR) WILDERNESS ATHLETE SPONSORED “GNARLY BANDIT ULTRA SERIES” – If you want to partake in the series and be in the running for the cash prize – you have to start at and finish the Zumbro 100.  Learn more HERE.  UMTR should be updating this information soon.
  • Please visit and use our sponsors – they are good people, companies and organizations that help to make the Zumbro races possible.
  • Run some and help at some – that is our philosophy, simple as that.  We are always looking for Volunteers, its a good thing to do and its a lot of fun.  If you are interested in giving a day of your time – please contact us!
  • As always, if you have any questions, please explore the site, most everything you will need you can find here, if you still have questions, please contact us – we look forward to seeing you on race day.

Recent Posts

2013 Volunteer Thank You

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers for making the 2013 Zumbro Endurance Run a success. You can click the letter below to view a larger .PDF version.          

2013 Zumbro Recap

The 2013 Zumbro Endurance Run 100MI, 50MI and 26.2MI are in the books!  It should be of no surprise that when you have an early Spring race in Minnesota, eventually you will have one with some snow.  After a decade of snow-free trail-running in the Zumbro Bottoms this same weekend each year, it finally happened and in a big messy way. Leading up to this years race it was fun to see the difference in individuals reactions to the conditions.  Some folks were filled with anxiety, certain that it was the end of the world – others were cool, calm and collected and laughed as they did their last few training runs the weeks prior, running through snow, ice, water and mud.  Prior to race day while the rest of the Midwest was getting hammered by an extraordinary early Spring storm, we experienced heavy rain, snow, sleet, ice and winds in excess of 40MPH.  The trail changed almost by the hour and when it was time to mark the course it was obvious that there were dry spots that we were marking would be wet come race day as well as wet spots that might dry out a bit – as a result we made very few revions and just had to go with it.  Snow, ice, mud and sloppy, slippery trails greeted 100 mile runners on Friday and things just deteriorated from there.  Many runners succombed to the conditions after long and protracted battles with the course, a good many carried on and got the finish.  Photos can be found HERE – notice all of the smiling faces – the spirit of the trail / ultrarunner is alilve and well! A full race report will be written and available in an upcoming issue of Ultrarunner Magazine but below are the quick stats and links to initial results – these are preliminary results and are subject to revisions – timing is a science but sometimes mistakes are made, if your name is missing from the results or if your time is not correct, we will have you in the backup, please just bring it to our attention – if you see something please CONTACT US via email,...

Runner Updates 2013

  Zumbro Endurance Run | 100MI, 50MI, 17MI April 12th & 13th, 2013 Theilman, MN Do not reply to this email, please email questions to HERE You can visit the official Zumbro Endurance Run website HERE Welcome Runners! The Zumbro Endurance Run is quickly approaching, are you ready? We are super excited to have another very diverse and extremely well qualified field for this years race. Listed below are some very important updates and reminders pertaining to this years race.  If after completely reviewing the info below; along with the info on the Zumbro website, blog and Facebook pages, should you have any questions – please feel to drop us a line (do not reply to this email, please direct all emails HERE and we will do our best to answer your questions).  Please note that we head to the race site on the Tuesday prior to the race and cell and email coverage is very limited in the Zumbro River Valley, so if you have  questions, ask them before Tuesday if possible! We are looking forward to seeing you all on race day and are looking forward to another successful Zumbro Endurance Run!Sincerely,John Storkamp – Race Director & The Entire Zumbro Endurance Run Team GENERAL RACE INFORMATION: Everything you need to know regarding the race can be found on our website, use the links below to find complete details about each race distance along with course maps, elevation profiles, directions to the race and more.  Should you still have questions after reviewing this info., please feel free to contact us! Zumbro 100 Mile Info. Zumbro 50 Mile Info. Zumbro 17 Mile Info. Aid Stations / Maps and Data    IMPORTANT COURSE UPDATES  – PLEASE READ: We have had a lot of questions about the Zumbro race course this year.  Heavy snow-pack and continuing unseasonably cold temperatures will certainly leave patches of snow, ice, water and mud on the course come race day – so runners should plan to have wet feet.  We ask that you come prepared to run in all conditions and consider bringing extra gear (extra changes of socks, extra shoes, warm clothes, traction devices for ice, etc.).  Trail conditions are improving daily and while we...

2013 Race Numbers

The Zumbro Endurance Run hosts three races simultaneously, the Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run (starts at 8:00 AM Friday) and the Zumbro Midnight 50 (starts at 12:01 AM Saturday) and the Zumbro 17 Mile (starts at 9:00 AM Saturday). Each distance will have its own unique race number (unique color and number series) so runners can be easily identified by race officials, volunteers, spectators and other runners. Runners who registered by March 17th will have their name custom printed on their race numbers. We ask that all competitors wear their number on the front of their body on their outer-most layer at all times. Runners will be tracked coming into and out of each aid station. If we cannot see your number, we cannot track you or take your finishing time and if we cannot do that, you will be disqualified and will not earn an official finish.  Use these numbers to identify fellow runners – 100 mile runners always have the right of way, then 50 mile runners after that.   100 Mile | Color: Orange | Number Series 1 – 200   50 Mile | Color: Blue | Number Series 500 – 699   17 Mile | Color: Green | Number Series...

Zumbro 100 Mile Finishers Buckle v2013

The Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run finishers buckle has been redesigned for 2013.  Measuring up at 4″ wide X 3.5″ high, this thing is huge and will look great on your belt or on the shelf, dwarfing your other buckles.   It’s big, it’s metal, it’s heavy, it’s beefy – finish the 100 and its yours!

Two Seconds with Bob Gerenz – An Interview

Rarely does a race come down to a couple of seconds – never does a hundred.  In 2012, Bob Gerenz (then, relatively unknown in the Midwest ultra scene)  put his head down, kicked and kicked again and took the win – only two seconds separated him and the 2nd place finisher.  We threw a few questions at Bob about the exciting 2012 race as he prepares to come back and defend his title in 2013. Bob, congratulations on winning the 2012 Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run and setting a new course record.  Was this your first time running the Zumbro 100? 2012 was the first time I ran Zumbro. Were you doing any training on the course prior to the race? On March 24, 2012, I went to the river bottoms with one of my pacers and ran as much of the course as we could figure out from the map.  We missed a few of the single track / deer trails, but we got a taste of the area / terrain. A lot of people at the race were commenting that they had not heard your name before – I think everyone remembers it now!  What is your running history and what led up to running the Zumbro 100? I started running in junior high and high school on the cross country and track teams.  I don’t know really why I chose the running sports, maybe it was because I felt I wasn’t big enough for football or maybe because I kind of liked the independence of running even though it is a team sport.  I gravitated toward the longer distances.  I was never really a speed guy.  I ran for a couple of years at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.  After college, I ran a variety of 5 and 10k races, and then my first 26.2, Grandma’s marathon in Duluth.  The marathon was hard, and of course there are always parts of an event that are no fun and other parts that are exhilarating.  It felt good to complete that long of a race for the first time.  Over the next few years, I completed Grandma’s several more times.  Then I took some time off from...

Susan Donnelly Interview

In 2012, Susan Donnelly of Oak Ridge Tennessee once again came and conquered the Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run.  Susan won the race for an unprecedented  fourth straight time and kept her amazing streak alive – being one of only two people to complete all four editions of the race.  Susan will return for “number 5” in 2013, purely for the love of running and the joy of visiting her extended running family in Minnesota – another win would just be icing on the cake.  We asked Susan some questions about her history at the Zumbro Endurance Run, her experience as a prolific 100 mile runner and what lessons she has learned from her race experiences over the years. Susan, congratulations of winning the 2012 Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run and keeping an incredible streak alive at this race!  You have run this race each year it has been held (2009-2012) and have placed 1st each time.  Does this add some pressure each time you toe the line? Yes, unfortunately it does add a little pressure but I recognize that each time I’m on the way to the race and I ground myself back in my own race philosophy – I run my own race, not another runner’s, not the clock’s and not one that meets “everyone’s” expectations.  I may have goals for a race but no expectations, nor do I feel the need to have a certain outcome… bottom line, I’m simply grateful every time I stand at the starting line, for finding my passion and the ability to do it.  Obviously you are no stranger to 100 mile races and to the training required to do these types of races.  How many100’s have you finished now? As of today, I’ve finished 56 100-milers.  It’s my favorite distance, so I’d love to have the time to do more but I do have to spend some time at work to earn the money to support my 100-mile habit.  Has the 100 mile novelty started to fade at all?  Is it getting easier or harder or does it stay the same? No, it has never faded.  That part is like a long-term relationship with a spouse or partner that grows, changes, and grows richer and more beautiful over the years....

2013 Race Shirt

All for one and one for all… All 2013 Zumbro Endurance Run racers and volunteers will receive a high-quality long-sleeve technical t-shirt designed by John Storkamp / Rocksteady...